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Vicky Oliver, author of 6 best-selling books on job-hunting and job interview questions, business etiquette, frugalista style, advertising, and office politics. Under her pen name, Diana Forbes, Vicky Oliver also authored the novel, Mistress Suffragette (Penmore Press, 2017). Vicky Oliver owns the copyright to the novel, Mistress Suffragette. For inquires, please write to:

Vicky Oliver is an award-winning author of 6 books on career development and the sole author of one novel, titled Mistress Suffragette, that she wrote under the pen name Diana Forbes. (Vicky Oliver is the sole copyright owner of Mistress Suffragette.) Writing on career topics from job-hunting to bad bosses to job burnout, Vicky Oliver blogs for Harvard Business Review Ascend, LifeHack, B2C, ThriveGlobal, KivoDaily. She is an Opinion Columnist for CeoWorld Magazine. Her savvy career advice has been featured in over 901 media outlets, including the NY Times, WSJ, NY Post, and Esquire. Vicky Oliver also gives spirited seminars on job-hunting, networking, and business etiquette for groups of 50 to 200 people.


Vicky Oliver's Awards Vicky Oliver has won 18 awards with her first 5 books. Click on the award to see them.

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