Writing the Personal Essay: Looking Within
You already possess all the knowledge and wisdom that you need to write brilliant and profound personal essays. You need only learn how to access your own personal well of hopes, dreams, fantasies, and imagination. Discover how to mine the life material that is uniquely yours and set it on the page. From the profound to the paradoxical, from the humorous to the surreal, discover how to sift through the family stories, dramas, traumas, and arresting memories and communicate your personal truth in a way that touches your readers’ hearts and minds.

Taught by author, Vicky Oliver. An active Brown University alumna and a ’22 New School MFA graduate.
A wonderful package deal for the entire course. $350.
Note: Eight two-hour sessions at the At New York Writers Workshop.
All sessions are synchronous, live on Zoom at 6:00 PM (ET).
Students will have the opportunity to workshop their pages twice during the term.
Classes start Tuesday, September 20 and meet weekly through Tuesday, November 8.